Irvine Rugby Football club are on the road to recovery, thanks to a locally born business man’s passion for his former team.
Irvine were unfortunately relegated last year and have been down on their luck at the start of this season, with little in the way of coaches or funding.

But thanks to the team’s perseverance, and help from a former player, who’s extensive rugby network and continuing passion for the sport has enabled him to provide the team with funding, sponsors and players, with hopes to bring the team back to its winning ways once again.

Irvine Rugby Club will now be the second team in Scotland to be affiliated with the South African Rugby Football Union, to assist in player development internationally and to promote the team and the sport. A small group of selected, talented players will join Irvine Rugby club for the remainder of the 2016-2017 season.

This will be further supported by the appointment of a new coaching team with the head coach Kris Finneran from Kent County Rugby and Saracens Elite development programme. He will be met by two other coaching staff members Kevin Pattie and Paul Graham who will join to support the newly appointed head coach at the club.

The club are also currently wrapping up a new sponsorship deal with RAM rugby as the major provider of rugby Kit and clothing for 2016 -2017 & 2017-2018 seasons.

On the playing front, Irvine have been working hard behind the scenes with the South African Rugby Union programme to secure three highly talented players who have represented the regional South African Golden Lions who have been drafted in and will begin playing in the coming months.
There are also negotiations between Irvine and two, fully capped, international players from Wales and Fiji alongside two further UK players to join the team, with the hope of boosting the league results and the popularity of the sport in the surrounding areas, hopefully, attracting some great local talent to join them in the near future.